Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tots Ball Schedule

Just in case anybody wanted to go cheer our little T-Ball player on!

Monday 6/2 - 6:15
Tuesday 6/10-5:30
Tuesday 6/17-7:45
Tuesday 6/24-6:15
Monday 6/30-7:00
Monday 7/7-6:15
All games are 45 minutes long. Bring a lawn chair or old blanket.
The games are in Repbulic at the field behind the Aquatic Center or you can go with us!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Catch Up

I had better catch everyone up from the last time I posted. First I want to give out the blog address of one of my good friends (http://www.mommyhook.blogspot.com/.) I want everyone to read her prayer requests and pray for the people in her life and for her family. I don't even want to imagine what those people are going through. I hope everyone had a good Mothers Day. Eric and the kids made a video card for me that is a slideshow from when Kaylee was born until now. It was a very special gift and Kaylee really likes it. She plays the DVD over and over. Kaylee is in T-ball for the summer and I hope she has fun with it. The only place I could find close to us that did tots ball for 3 yr olds was in Republic, so its pretty close to the house. She has a good time hitting the ball and playing with the other kids but hasn't quite got the hang of the outfield yet. I had a yard sale this weekend and did really good. I got rid of alot of stuff and the attic and garage are clear for another couple of years. My Mom came to help watch the kids and Kaylee went back with her to Houston. While she was there she developed a splotchy rash on her face and by Sunday she had a temp with more places on her body. We found out she has fifth disease and it is harmless but can cause fever and discomfort for up to 3 weeks. She looks kind of funny and heat can trigger an outbreak so some days she will look worse than others. Once the rash appears it is not contagious anymore. It was contagious 10-14 days prior and it is rare for adults to get it. Saturday night when the tornadoes went through we had a house about 4 doors down get struck by lightening and it was a total loss to the family. The lightening went through their front window so stay away from windows during storms. Eric and I were eating dinner and we had Spencer up on the table which is right by a big window in our dining room. We won't do that again when it is storming. The weird thing about that lightening hit is that it wasn't storming it just happened. Speaking of Spencer he is doing really good and growing so much. His 2 month checkup is next week and he will get 4 shots. He is starting to be more alert and his favorite thing is to look at is Eric. He just watches him and stared at him all the time. Today I think he almost cooed at Kaylee and me while we were talking to him. Its only a matter of time before he starts to smile at us when we talk to him. I can tell he wants to either smile or make a noise. Enjoy the pics and sleep tight.