Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our little fisherwomen

We went to a Birthday party on Sunday afternoon and Kaylee went fishing for the 1st time and look what she caught. She was very proud and she was pretty good at fishing. Her new thing is to pretend to be fishing with her friends and she uses our bed as the rocks to sit on and the floor as the pond. Speaking of Birthdays Kaylee's is coming up on August 5th and she all excited about her party and she wants everything. If she sees something she really likes she will say " I want that for my birthday". If I don't answer she says it over and over until I do. But she is happy with my usual answer of "We'll see". Stay tuned because I will probably post the party pictures soon. Spencer is doing all sorts of fun things. He is getting ready to roll over. He is laughing out loud and he loves when people talk to him. He is teething and chewing on everything he can reach including his feet. He went for his first overnight for 3 nights without Mom and Dad a couple of weekends ago and he did so good. My Mom and Dad said he was just perfect and Aunt Alicia spent a lot of time holding him too. I think after the weekend everyone was in love with our baby boy. He is a very good baby and easy to take care of. I will post some pictures of him soon. Everyone have a good rest of the week.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lots of Updates

It has been crazy around our house since Fathers Day. We had VBS and Kaylee had the best time that week with her pals at church. T-Ball is still going good our last game is Monday night and Kaylee is super excited because Gramma and Papa are coming to watch. Kaylee, Spencer and I have been really sick for the past 2 weeks and it put our little baby in the hospital for 4 days. He got really sick on Wednesday and when he wasn't responding to me when he woke up I called the doctor immediately and they told me to come right away. Thanks to Cousin Mary for taking Kaylee last minute. I spent 2 hours in the Peds office and they finally admitted him that afternoon. He was a very sick little boy and it really scared Eric and I. In the mean time Kaylee got a break from Mom and Dad and went to Houston to get spoiled by all the grandparents for a couple of days. Kaylee had the best time with everyone that helped. Thanks everybody for dropping everything to help us. Spencer got to home today with his medicine and breathing treatments and he is much better now. I went to the doctor and got me some meds and I am also feeling better. Kaylee is almost in the clear. Hopefully Eric never gets it. Spencer had to spend his first 4th in Cox, but that was OK because we new he was safe. So it you get this summertime respiratory stuff don't wait GO TO THE DOCTOR. It will last forever if you let it. Kaylee missed the big 4th of July parade we had in our neighborhood so this evening we decorated her bike and she loved it. My sister Amanda is on a mission trip with our church in Texas so please pray for her and the 60 member mission team this week. Amanda also went before our church and made public that after she graduates in May 09 she will be leaving for Japan for 6 months to serve in the mission field. This is something she has been struggling with for many years now and she has finally given in to what he was telling her to do. It was a hard decision to move forward with because she knows she will be away from our family for 6 months and we are very close. She will be safe and happy because our Lord will watch over her while she does his work. Some people only sit and wonder what it would be like and they never take that step, we our proud that Amanda is not sitting and waiting she is going to go. Hope everyone had a good 4th of July. In the next 2 weeks we are going to continue to get well and we are also getting new windows and flooring. So pray for my sanity! Kaylee is also starting swimming lessons on Tuesday and she seems to be excited. I am not so sure how she will do she has suddenly developed a fear of water being in her eyes so we will see. Hope everyone has a good week and God Bless.