Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whats been going on!!!

Kaylee turned 4!!!! Time flys. She had a wonderful birthday weekend. We visited everybody and had a couple of birthday cakes one of which was a Pet Shop cake. We had to clean out our room and make way for all the new toys. One thing she got was a Princess tent with a sleeping bag to match it. She slept in it for a whole week. Thanks Grammy I think that was a success. She guards her backpack with her life so Cindy did good there. Aunt Erin came to visit the next weekend and brought M&Ms with her picture on them, they are almost gone. Thanks to everyone, Kaylee had a good birthday. Nothing really going on around here. I am ready for fall and cooler weather so we can play outside during the day. Kaylee is playing with Spencer all the time or should I say bugging him. She dressed him up last week and thought it was really funny. Just wait till he sees these pictures in about 10 years. Spencer is getting ready for baby food so that will be exciting especially for big sister. He is rolling where he wants to go and touching everything which goes straight to the mouth. He is screaming I think he likes to hear himself. I am going to try Gymnastics this fall for Kaylee we shall see how that turns out. Her first class is next Wednesday. I am also on a waiting list for a parents day out program for Kaylee, she needs to be away from Mommy a couple of hours a week. Good bye for now!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Sunday

Hi everyone!!! Spencer rolled over yesterday and we were all so excited. He just gets more and more handsome everyday. Kaylee is really getting excited for her Birthday. Eric is taking Tuesday off work and Kaylee's friend Dawson is coming for the day. We are going to play all day and that evening the kids are going to Jump Mania and going out for supper. Then over the weekend we are having a small party at my Mom and Dad's house and the theme is Pet Shop.
Something I have had on my mind all day is my Pastor and his Family. Most of you know we attend Hamlin Baptist Church and Jim Flora is the pastor. They have been at Hamlin for about 5 years now and their passion is Missions. They have applied to the International Mission board to go into the Mission field and they are interested in a little village is Africa. They don't know the exact time when they will go but when they do it will be happy and sad time. They have 3 adopted daughters, Gracie, Anna and Rebecca who is only 4. So pray for them because they also have 3 grown sons who are married and they also have 3 grandchildren. I can not imagine my parents leaving the country and me not knowing when I may see them again. When Jim and Teresa told the congregation today I was a real testimony to me because they just showed me today what its really all about. God should always be first in my life and I don't put him first, there is always so many things in the way. Lift them up because this is a new chapter in their life and the unknown is very scary. I hope everyone has a great week. We love you all, The Maxwells