Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The cutest kids in town. Enjoy!!!

a little snack after playing in the snow
First adventure in the snow

Spencer not so happy

Happy Kids!!!!!!

Cutest kids cont.....

Our Guitar Hero

Look at my BIG blue eyes!

Kaylee is very Creative

Spencer favorite way to fall asleep

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting over the flu

Well Spenc had the flu for the 1st time. It was the stomach kind. He got it on Monday while we were in Houston and he is just now finally getting over it. I hate having the flu with a baby because they can't tell you anything so therefor you never know when they will get sick. So I sat with him in my lap with old towels around us for most of the afternoon on Monday. So far no one else has gotten it so keep your fingers crossed. That could be due to the 2 bottles of rubbing alcohol that my Mom and I sprayed in a 2 day period. All is well in the Maxwell household. Kaylee is at Parents Day Out right now so Spencer and I are getting some stuff done got up around the house. I am going to start watching a sweet little baby boy on Feb. 16th for 2 days a week so I have to stay got up. Goodbye for today.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Its a new year.....

Its a new year and time to start fresh with some things, like my Blog. I must keep up with it and I am going to work on making it more interesting to visit. So keep checking. I hope everyone had a good Christmas. We celebrated for 3 weeks straight. It was so fun to watch Spencer learn how to unwrap presents, he definitely needs more practice. Kaylee still doesn't like Santa which is Ok by me. She had a great time getting all the things she thought she needed. Eric and I had a wonderful Christmas too we both enjoyed time with family and we got a few things on our want list as well. The year has already been eventful. Kaylee got back in her schedule of Gymnastics and Parents Day Out. She is now thinking she might like to play T-Ball again. Spencer is 9 months old and I am already starting to think about his Birthday. He is really getting big and he finally stoped doing the army crawl. I guess he decided he could go faster crawling normal. He is pulling up and getting more teeth. He can clap, say Dada and Moma, and get into everything he shouldn't. Eric is still just plugging away at work everyday in hopes to move him and his staff to a better office soon. He is not working as much overtime and it is nice. We are going to go on vacation this year in April. We are going to Williamsburg Virginia and Virginia Beach. Eric and I never got to go on a Honeymoon and then came Kaylee and Spenc so we are really looking forward to this. We have our flights and where we are going to stay. I will have to post what we will be doing when we get to that part of the planning. We kind of know but we have to work out a schedule that will fit into 7 days with some time to relax. The kids and Griffin will be staying with my Mom with lots of help from other family. I am a little nervous about that but I know they will be getting spoiled and thats Ok, because they are being loved. Our pastor and his wife left Sunday for Texas to see family before leaving for Africa. We are really going to miss them. I have had the pleasure of being around their family twice. Once when they lived in Houston and then here in Springfield and they are special people. If anyone is interested in following their blog it is on my toolbar. Amanda went to school in Michigan and she has a lot to do before she leaves for Japan. Her blog is also on my toolbar. Pray for Jim and his family, they have a big job ahead of them. Pray for their safety, they are going to a part of Africa where AIDS is very prominent along with creepy crawlie things that are poisonous. Pray for Amanda as she prepares for her journey and being away from friends and family. Pray for Eric and I we are not sure that Hamlin Baptist is where we need to be going. We both want to see Kaylee be more involved in a preschool group at church that has more activities for her age. Eric and I need more young married couples to share christian fellowship with. It is a hard decision because your church is kind of like home-comfortable. I guess that should be a sign because Jim always said we should never get to comfortable and when it comes to serving we will always be out of our comfort zone. So we shall see what the year brings for all of us. Goodbye for now.