Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Spencer Boy!!!!!!!!!

My favorite picture

Today was a great day!!!!!!!! We celebrated Spencer's birthday all day. We started out with presents and cinnamon rolls then we ended the day with chicken nuggets and an art project at firehouse pottery. Now the kids are sleeping soundly. We had a party over the weekend with family and I really enjoyed the party. Spencer had a great time and he got so many nice gifts from everyone that came. Thanks to all. Spencer has been feeling under the weather for some time now so we have not been able to get his pictures, but I have them scheduled for the 3rd time so we shall see. Kaylee started soccer last Friday and we are supposed to have a game this Saturday, but it could get snowed out. I will post her schedule another day. Enjoy the pics from the day and his party. Good night. Kerry

More Birthday Pics

at home today

party on Saturday