Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We are having a great time but missing the kids. Kaylee and Spencer we miss you. The ocean is beautiful. Kaylee there are lots of sea shells on the beach that we have gotten for you. We are glad you are having fun with everybody back home. Visit this link and the password is Virginia to view some of the pictures we have taken so far.

Maxwell Family Vacation

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grandma Edith

If you visit my blog today go to my cousin Melissa's blog Heartprints (on my sidebar). There is a short story about my Grandma. She is ready to go HOME and it is a hard time for all of us who love her and remember the strong women that she was in all our lives. I have the memories Melissa wrote about but I also have many from when I was young. I spent alot of time with her in the summers when my parents were at work. I can see those days so clearly and I smile because they make me so happy. I have been very lucky to have such loving strong forgiving women in my life like her daughters Judy, Betty, and my mother Nancy. These women are as strong or stronger than her and have raised beautiful families. Pray for them because there is no love like a Mother's. I did not realize how important the roles of Grandparents are until I had children of my own. They teach your kids so much more than you do with their unconditional love. They have stories to tell and lots of fun to be had. Their house is so much more fun than yours and Grandma's ice cream even tastes better. Read Heartprints!