Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Day

Easter was a good day! The Easter bunny came to see Kaylee and she was quite pleased with what he brought her. Church was so nice, the choir performed a musical and it was really good. We had Easter dinner just the 3 of us and then we took a nap, so it has been a good day. Tomorrow is it and are family goes from 3 to 4. Eric, Kaylee and I are really feeling like things are already changing and I am getting nervous about my surgery, but I faith that everything is going to work itself out the way it is supposed to. Thanks to family and friends (ahead of time) for everything they are helping with while we welcome a new baby boy in our wonderful growing family.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birthday Fun with Dawson

Kaylee had the most wonderful day today. First Pappy and Grammy came and brought her a Easter present which contained some Sponge Bob shoes she really liked. After lunch they went with us to an Easter egg hunt and Kaylee picked up 24 eggs and got a little book. Then we went to Dawson's Birthday party and you would of thought she had not seen her friend in a year. She had the best time with him and they got to tour the fire station. All the kids thought that was pretty cool. Enjoy the pics. I will post more tomorrow after all the Easter festivities. Baby Brother also got a present today. Linda Troutman made him his first baby blanket. We are all really proud of it. Good Night!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our Little Easter Princess

Kaylee wasn't sure about the Easter bunny, but she got her picture anyway. She is getting to be such a big girl and we enjoy her so much! We have a big weekend planned. Grammy and Pappy are coming and we are going to an Easter hunt and birthday party on Saturday. Sunday we are off to church and some Easter festivities at home. Then Monday is the day before little brother arrives. We have a lot to look forward to in the next couple of days and week. Have a wonderful Easter and remember what Jesus did for us.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Egg Fun!!!

Uncle Andy and Aunt Erin came to visit so we colored Easter Eggs tonight. Kaylee had a good time, but she was a little rough with the eggs. I don't think she realized that we couldn't throw the eggs, because we broke a couple. They turned out really cute and she is proud of them. Tomorrow we are going to Chik-fil-A and she is really looking forward to that outing so she can play on the slides and eat chicken. Good night for now!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2 weeks to go............

C-Section is still Tuesday March 25th and everything is still on track for 7:30 a.m delivery.

We are all doing good, if Eric can just stay well so Kaylee and I don't get sick. We think he had strep throat last Friday. He went and got on meds asap, but now he has a head cold. Eric got a promotion at work. He is now Director of Compensation & HRIS. It was very deserving and we are all proud of him for doing so well at his job. I am still trying to get Spencer's room done and I think we are almost there. The shelf I painted and the letters I made turned out really cute. I had a hard time finding a lamp I liked, but I finally found a lampshade and it had holes in it so I got ribbon and made it how I wanted (if you click on the picture you can see it better). Yesterday I had a doctors appt and I went to get a pedicure, thanks to my good friend Sarah Hook ( it was on her). When I picked up Kaylee I had sandals on and she was so amazed by my toenails, so as soon as we got home and had a bath she ran and got all my toenail polish and wanted hers to look like mine. Kaylee was so proud of her toenails we had to take a picture so she could show everyone. Kaylee was invited to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday the 22nd and she is excited. I told her today that when her Uncle Andy and Aunt Erin comes this weekend they could color Easter eggs with her, so watch out Andy and Erin she is already got the plan for you!!!! We can't wait to see you on Friday!! Better go for now, I will post after the big weekend. Love The Maxwells

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fun in the Snow

Kaylee had so much fun in the snow today, thanks to Aunt Mandy. They played outside for about an hour and when she came in she ate a whole bag of popcorn and feel asleep shortly after.

She made a snow angel, slid down her slide and the neighbor boy tried to get her to sled, but that was a no go. I think Aunt Mandy had fun too once she got down shoveling the driveway and making a path for Griffin to go potty. Eric and I really appreciated that because I really couldn't and Eric could only do it in the dark. Thanks for always helping out Aunt Mandy. We had a good weekend, Kaylee went to visit all her Grandparents and we had some down time to get some stuff done at home. I don't know if she wore her grandparents out or if it was the other way around. On Saturday she went to check cows with Papa and to see Great Grandma Flowers, then off to town to get new shoes, which she is very proud of. I think she also played with cousin Maddie on Saturday as well as playing outside till 9:30 at night (Grandparents will do anything).

On Sunday she was busy visiting at Grammy and Pappy's house, she had a good time playing and she really liked her chocolate bunnies Grammy got her. Nana Martin, Grandpa and Grandma Great also came to visit her while she was there. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma's for always helping.